Monday, February 10, 2014

Conceit: The Evil Invention

     Inventions capture curiosity and the keenest interest of humankind more than any branch of science and it has always been this way. Ask any applicant who's ever sat in patent office waiting to be the next approved. We prize the tinkerers and fabricators of our world because of the possibilities behind each device. All of it is fueled by great and complex imaginations. I'm sure everyone has, at one time or another, toyed with the idea of inventing something that will make a lot of money. Imagination is one of the most precious attributes we inherited from God, our creator and we, in turn, were his greatest invention because we were made as duplicates, capable of even greater inventions, according to Jesus. (John 14:12)
     However, these same attributes which contribute so much to our increasing cache of innovation can turn ruinous in certain instances, bringing to mind such thing as the A-Bomb, the fateful Hindenburg or the Titanic. Most of human manufactured disasters occurred because of error or misuse but there is also willful and wanton destruction at the behest of human imagination such as 9-11. Our world is staggering back from the glut of violent or greedy acts, increasingly.
     We stand back, even those of us who profess no allegiance to religion or God, asking, "How can such evil exist in beings who are also capable of great compassion, mercy and charity toward other humans and creatures suffering?" As a student of the Holy Bible and believer of God's sacrifice of His son, Jesus, for all our sin, I feel compelled to introduce you to another creation of God- His only failure- Satan. You may ask if this is possible for an omnipotent God. In this particular case it is but only because the failure began with Lucifer. If you read the 14th chapter of Isaiah you will get a true and faithful portrait of Satan. It illuminates what he was and what became of him.
     That event brought about the ruination of this once honored angel who, with words of plain conceit, brought about the first fall of God's creation. What he became is the archenemy to God and the rest of His creation. Lucifer's attempted act of usurpation brought about his sole invention; conceit. He uses it in continuity.
     Conceit is the catalyst to every weapon Satan uses against us. He generally chooses the path of least resistance when he comes at us and conceit makes his work easy. It is so prevalent that it's unusual for people to guard themselves against it. We often confuse self-esteem with conceit concerning ourselves and how we view others. It can be a dangerous assumption.
     In the verse James 4:10 we are urged by Paul to humble ourselves so the Lord can raise us to the level he desires for us. When we give into conceit, either by offense or ambition, we can easily become the tool of Satan. He loves conceit because he fuels himself and his minions on the momentum of it. As the quintessential bottom-dweller he will manipulate you through conceit and, he believes, bring you down to his level and that's where he does his dirty work on your true self-esteem. If you want to check yourself for this pitfall ask yourself how easily you are offended. Be honest with yourself.
     Getting control of your character and your self-esteem will require that you humble yourself. You can do this more easily if you will recognize and acknowledge God's sovereignty. Then, turn a deaf ear to Satan's dialogue which is demeaning or degrading and filled with lies and confusion. Thwart his attempts at putting you down by asking our almighty Father to lift you up. If you ask, He will do it. (Job 5:11)
     If this is a struggle for you, remind yourself that Jesus met with a similar struggle (read Luke, chapter 4) and came out victorious because he was given authority by God, the Father to rebuke Satan's words and still humble himself before God who had given him that authority. (Philippians 2:5-8) This displays true and proper self-esteem which will carry you with confidence. I cannot guarantee how others will perceive your new found assurance but you will please God and that is a blessed assurance. The best kind.
© February 6, 2012, Evelyn M. Wallace
All rights reserved by author
Be blessed,
The Castle Lady


dellgirl said...

Very interesting, Evelyn. I know I have toyed with the idea of inventing something that will make life a little easier. At those times, it wasn't about the money. But, the more I thought about it, the thought of tons of money definitely did enter my mind. I like this post.

I'm just stopping by to say hello and to wish you a nice weekend.

dellgirl said...

Just popping in to say hi, I hope you had a wonderful week. Also wanted to stop by to see how you are doing and wish you a happy Weekend.

dellgirl said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope all is well with you and everything is going okay.

Have a wonderful weekend.