Saturday, May 17, 2014

Google Takes Over Blogspot

     This is literally what has happened in a matter of months. I figure that the minute we were enticed to add Google Plus to these accounts we'd been had by the powers that be. It was almost concurrent to the takeover of Blogger by Google. When I saw that in the news it sounded ominous then. Now it's just a pain in the drain. The powers that be are merely the machinations of Google trying to take over the planet. I remember when they criticized Bill Gates on the same premise. All I know is that I can no longer find two of my blogs on my so-called dashboard and the one Blogspot that I did not switch over to Google Plus tries to give me access to my dashboard but absolutely refuses to stop giving me error message pages blocking access to the dashboard that tries to come up. What we have here is a failure to make an upgrade an actual upgrade and a possible conspiracy.
     All that Google Plus nonsense is for all the thumb typers anyway and their teeny, tiny P.C.s which we could crush like bugs on a windshield. You can't write much of anything that way so what do they care about blogs? If you can get one sentence out of them each hour on those things you're getting more dialogue than they will ever convey to their parents, verbally or otherwise. A tweet may be sweet but a letter is better. You can quote me on that- and you'd better! Maybe I should copyright it right here and now so my rights won't be infringed by some half-wit trying to take credit where credit isn't due.
     Can you feel the sarcasm yet ? It wouldn't be so bad if I could call someone up and read them the riot act. They must be too shy for that sort of thing so we don't even get the pleasure of being given a wrong number. Perhaps we could take the planet back if we do one thing in particular that our competition would never do in a million years. Answer the phone. What do you think ? I think our First Amendment rights are being violated. I'll find out when I post this and I hope everyone understands that freedom came with a price. Someone had to stand up and tell someone off. I hope that whoever knows what's going on reads this and then feels ashamed. It's our only hope.

 P.S. Hmmm. Back to normal heee hee hee
It pays to tell people off. Trust me.

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