Saturday, February 20, 2010

Women Politicians and Election Loopholes

I have been watching the ongoing bipartisan skirmishes with a lot of apprehension lately and I have become a little surprised at what the traffic bears today in the way of TV ads and newspaper commentary along with all the political e-mails I receive from family, friends and outright foes.
Perhaps you may not know that recently Supreme Court passed legislation called Citizens United to allow corporations and other special interest groups to spend unlimited amounts of money in our elections. So what, you say ? If we value this country as a democracy we would not want these groups to unbalance the former fairness of our election system by allowing any individual or group to practically buy our elections. I would urge you to not let foreign governments and foreign corporations to place ads attempting to sway the American population to vote according to their needs rather than our own. These may include government contractors, TARP recipients, CEOs of companies who often hide but fund these special interests. The Tea Party convention in Nashville supposedly has no leader but believe me this is no time to stand around sipping evil nectar! Republicans didn't want this legislation when democrats dominated the house and senate but now they've pulled a fast one by pushing their own version of it because they believe they have the public bamboozled with their so-called true agenda. If that's true, why don't they come out and admit what they support and don't in those ads? The people want to know: who really paid for this ad ?
I guess the best way to illustrate what can happen with this is to point to republican Jane Norton who is running for something here in Colorado. She claims in her television ads that the current government spending is what put this economy in its tailspin. If you've been paying attention at all you'd know that isn't true but the problem would be traced back to Bush's last act of treachery with the so-called failing banks bailout. Turns out he didn't give that money to failing banks. He put it in the hands of well-to-do bankers themselves. He also did worse than that but I don't need to tell you this do I ? Eight years of nothing but bumbling speaks for itself, I believe.
Well, this same Jane Norton is proposing to put taxes on our groceries and medications. A tax we've never had to shoulder here in this state. (This shifts the tax burden off of the wealthy and hits senior citizens on a fixed income right in the wallet.) She says the government should have no role in health care which is bad news for Medicare recipients. She also says that President Obama cares more about the rights of terrorists than protecting Americans. The funny thing is that you'll never see that on her TV ads. These double-minded tactics have become a new high-strung way of pushing a different agenda but covertly and with plenty of money to fuel it. It also makes no sense.
All those who think this is harmless ought to take a good look at Sarah Palin who looks as harmless as a jelly-fish but her stinger is poised at destroying Social Security and Medicare saying that people are being oppressed by these programs when as a matter-of-fact these current economic times would require that they stay in place. She's Going Rogue alright and she doesn't aim at anyone she doesn't think is a direct threat to her spending sprees or mismanagement of funds. Whatever happened to Bush Sr.'s, "Read my lips"? They want to tax more and take our programs away. What are those funds for? Think about it. We have a lot of people in this country who have no health insurance. If Medicare dies what will our options be, anyway? If Social Security is privatized, only those with lower benefits coming to them will be out on the street at a time of life when you would not want to be homeless. Is this our future under the Republican regime?
Just in case you're wondering what a legitimate special interest group might look like, take a look at what Leonardo DiCaprio is currently supporting and quite openly. It's an organization that is trying to push forward with a Clean Energy Bill which will be aggressive in getting carbon pollution dealt with, create jobs and will be a defining moment in what Obama said he would tackle if given some sign or initiative to help. He was looking for someone to roll up their sleeves and here it is with no hidden agendas or underhanded dealings. This is about solving problems, not who wins a bigger piece of the pie.

The pie is not all,

The Castle Lady

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't travel funky ! !

     When I first started embarking on travel in earnest it was international all the way. My first trip out of the U.S.A. was to London which was probably the best place to cut my teeth with European travel since I was young. I was only nineteen and had never been outside my country- not even to Mexico (which I've never been to!) My first castle was the Tower of London and it was also probably a best first once again since I can't think of a better prototype model for a concentric medieval configuration of a castle than William the Conqueror's pride and joy in London.
     The other day I was looking in the travel section of my local newspaper when I spotted a book which just made me shake my head in disbelief. Actually it's two books: Beginner's Guide to Cruising and  Stern's Guide to the Cruise Vacation. Now, I ask you, if there is a no-brainer- just get on the plane and then get on the boat- ease of a trip, it would be a cruise. Why would you possibly need to read about how to go on a cruise ? Would someone please answer that in some way that won't make me accidentally shoot water up my nose through my throat again. That hurts you know!
     Taking a vacation in the current economy apparently involves trying to think up ways of making traditionally boring ways to spend your week off in an even cheaper manner than ever before. Why try to spice it up with knowing the ins and outs of your particular nonsensical idea of a vacation? I may be a little harsh in my assessment but it seems to me that if you cut corners too much or attempt too hard to make something out of nothing it may be more like just going to work than you care to think about.
     Amusing vacations are in as well. I found these links and thought I would share them with you.  
Head cam videos of heliskiiing in Alaska
     Maybe it would just be easier to stay close to home and find a nice spa to lay around in ! Good idea !
Ah ! Home again, home again, jiggity-jig!
 The Castle Lady

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who wins ? McDonalds or Burger King ?

      I am going to give everyone a fair chance to express their opinion on something that isn't a major issue but got me to thinking about the way the media is always trying to sway public opinion for their own selfish gain. The other night I came across this article on the internet:
     It struck me as rather ridiculous that anyone would make their decisions about whether they will patronize a business based solely on what type of advertising they do. I'm not saying that the commercials aren't juvenile and at times even insulting to more than a few identifiable groups out there but since when do people make their consumer purchases based on the commercial they watched on TV the other night? Does anyone seriously do this or am I being silly myself?
     Assuming that you've read the article from the link I just provided please give me your opinions in the comments. My personal feeling is a practical one. Since BK has been in business I have preferred their hamburgers over just about every franchise hamburger chain out there. I don't buy hamburgers from Wendy's but I like their salads. Period. McDonald's quality has been down since 1969 apparently. I've never had a decent hamburger from them. Period. Their fries are the best and that's about it. Carl's Jr. can give BK a run for their money but we only have one in the entire state of Colorado and it's luckily reasonably near where I live. Sonic might be fun if I still drove around in my first car- a vintage '67 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Otherwise it's insanity to try to eat finger food with half the contents dropping on my steering wheel. Those drive-in days are over- believe it !
     I think that someone out there (guess who? ) paid this guy to write that article. Special interest groups will tear them apart the same way they tried to do KFC in about their so-called mistreatment of chickens. Pshaw ! ! Activist- smack-tivist ! I'll go where the quality is and for me a decent hamburger will always be the flame-broiled decent-sized beef patties in a plump, non-soggy bun that only Burger King provides ! So there. Thbbbph ! !
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