Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who wins ? McDonalds or Burger King ?

      I am going to give everyone a fair chance to express their opinion on something that isn't a major issue but got me to thinking about the way the media is always trying to sway public opinion for their own selfish gain. The other night I came across this article on the internet:
     It struck me as rather ridiculous that anyone would make their decisions about whether they will patronize a business based solely on what type of advertising they do. I'm not saying that the commercials aren't juvenile and at times even insulting to more than a few identifiable groups out there but since when do people make their consumer purchases based on the commercial they watched on TV the other night? Does anyone seriously do this or am I being silly myself?
     Assuming that you've read the article from the link I just provided please give me your opinions in the comments. My personal feeling is a practical one. Since BK has been in business I have preferred their hamburgers over just about every franchise hamburger chain out there. I don't buy hamburgers from Wendy's but I like their salads. Period. McDonald's quality has been down since 1969 apparently. I've never had a decent hamburger from them. Period. Their fries are the best and that's about it. Carl's Jr. can give BK a run for their money but we only have one in the entire state of Colorado and it's luckily reasonably near where I live. Sonic might be fun if I still drove around in my first car- a vintage '67 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Otherwise it's insanity to try to eat finger food with half the contents dropping on my steering wheel. Those drive-in days are over- believe it !
     I think that someone out there (guess who? ) paid this guy to write that article. Special interest groups will tear them apart the same way they tried to do KFC in about their so-called mistreatment of chickens. Pshaw ! ! Activist- smack-tivist ! I'll go where the quality is and for me a decent hamburger will always be the flame-broiled decent-sized beef patties in a plump, non-soggy bun that only Burger King provides ! So there. Thbbbph ! !
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The Castle Lady  


kïrstin☼ said...

hey there castle lady! i read the article, but it wasnt what i expected. i thought it was going to be about those creepy ads BK does with the mascot. those comercials are a big turnoff even though i dont eat from BK, micky Ds, wendys or any of them. the ocassional quizznos or subway strictly based on food quality.
but to answer your question - i do base a lot of my response to a business based on the ads they pay for. i think it says alot about how they view the public. i also consider the quality of the commercial itself, and the thought that goes into it. if its stupid, then why should i put stock into a company that would spend money on it.if its creative, its going to get my attention. i feel a business is going to put more into their product that is careful about their ads. most fast food ads are as bad as their greasy, junky, food.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten ! I love your avatar for blogspot! Really nice. I know that some ads can tick a person off so much that they will boycott a business solely on that basis. However, if we knew how much coporate advertising has little to do with the company and says more about the person who wrote the ad and managed to sell the idea to the company then we would all ignore those ridiculous ads. It's all to get the company's attention and largely ignores the public who have to watch and listen to those lemons !
Thanks for commenting. It's much appreciated.