Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inner Beauty

   We can't do much about our appearance through normal means but we have
total control over the kind of person we become.
    One of the least prized attributes of our current culture is quite possibly the most important to our health and well-being today. That is truly a shame. In a time when we most need the fortitude and tenacity that inner beauty can impart to individuals and team players alike, we seem to be seriously lacking. I cannot remember a time in my life when politics have ever been this mean-spirited and divisive or when so much of old game conning and some insidiously new trumpery in business has been so prevalent. Our values are all wrong but we cling to them because it's what worked previously.
     I believe it's time for this country to take a giant leap in character-building and reset our priorities. Helping Haiti is our chance to show the world what lies beneath the surface of our flag-waving courage and pride. Perhaps if we stop thinking so much globally as we ought to think to those who are truly less fortunate and put a stop-gap on what we think is worth spending our money on, we will be helping everybody including ourselves.
     A new face cream is not going to change your face so much as a heartfelt, genuine smile. A brand new racing style sports car isn't going to give you any more dash than a hands-up to a few hundred people who have never known anything but privation. I cannot look at a hugely expensive or over-priced item without thinking how many meals I could buy with that money for people who are starving.
     Only a decade and a half ago Americans were being referred to as the Ugly American in most global capital cities around the world because of their blatant self-indulgence and tawdry life-styles. Wouldn't it be nice to change the world's view to one of inner beauty and radiance on our part? We could stop throwing epithets of liberal and fascist at each other and start showing a new face to the world which might truly make a difference globally. All we would have to do is change the way we act- here and abroad- but mostly here on our own shores. There isn't any quick way to wealth and once it's gone you cannot buy back your health. If you think about the impact you have in your own sphere and mind what you're actually doing you may be able to change the world for good without even fully realizing it. It's worth it to appear like a movie star without wasting the money on that Gucci rag, isn't it ? 
Putting a new face on and loving it,
The Castle Lady  

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Kalei said...

How true a statement it is to remind ourselves to revisit our inner beauty and say hello "you look good" or, I can do some good things to make you look better like: taking some warm clothing or blankets to a homeless shelter or to hand a person on the streets a warm meal or dare I say it..."$5.00"! Yikes. In this day or skepticism and distrust I find that there are times where a little faith is good too. If you show faith in someone, they will feel it and feel worthy and have a little hope. It is too bad that there are some that are out there to take advantage and prove our skepticism right, but trust that there is that person out there truly worthy of our help, in fact there are endless amounts of people that need our help.
A wise friend told me once after I had raised only $10 during an online fundraiser for cancer research (he had raised over a million dollars over the years) that "you can raise a million dollars or you can raise a dollar, you never know which dollar will find the cure". In those words, I realized that every dollar holds a greater purpose than its monetary value, it is part of a greater purpose and need. So give a dollar or give a blanket or give a hot meal, donate your time or give blood. It all serves a greater purpose. It proves that faith still lives and that our single self believes we can make a difference.