Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Woes

     I don't like to be negative for a new year but I think I'm going to scream if I see another snowflake or if I touch another thing that's as cold as ice. I have never experienced a winter in Denver like this one. To have day after day after day of freezing temperatures without a let up or change is just not Denver and more like Alaska! It's been like this since the beginning of December and January has continued the trend to the bitter end. You know the weirdest part? We still get sunshine nearly every day just like always. It's almost like a constant artic blast is coming through from the north pole of Saturn. Ever get one of those chills that no amount of warmed up bed buddies or fifty blankets can shake ? That happened to me around the end of December just before bed time. I'm considering moving south. South America that is !
     After the anniversary date of my Mom's birthday, which was on the 25th, I started thinking about how much she hated snow and cold. Winter has never bothered me until this recent two month bout but she never ceased to complain about it and I marvel that she never moved any place warmer. Her best friend, Willa, of whom I'm in regular contact moved to Arizona some years ago and now I wonder if she ever dreamed of packing her bags in winter and going to be with her friend before the first snowflake hit the ground. I'll bet she did but she never threatened to do so. I think she felt trapped in winter, as well.
     Today it didn't get above 20 degrees but I put on all my warm clothes, grabbed my basketball and hiking boots and took my trek into the winter wonderland that is now my home. I've always been in awe of how the world looks under a blanket of snow and if you're bundled up warm it's a bit refreshing to walk around in all that blowing snow and icy wind. However, it does get old and perhaps the reason why I enjoyed winter most of my life is because Denver's weather usually doesn't stay the same within the same day, normally. I have come to embrace the constant changing weather of my native locale and this just doesn't feel like home.
     Winter ? Bah, humbug !
The Castle Lady


dellgirl said...

I hear you loud and clear, it's the same here. And, we have only had constant cold for a couple of weeks.

The only thing that saves my sanity is my electric blanket. It feels heavenly to stick my feet under the covers it's nice and toasty down there.

Just popping in to see what's new and to say hi, I hope you are doing well.

Have a wonderful Week!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Same problem in Texas? The world has gone mad ! I've got to get one of those electric blankets I think.
You also have a great week, Leona!