Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wopila Kaniyeyapi

Happy Thanksgiving everybody !
Happy Thanksgiving everybody !
The Castle Lady


dellgirl said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Evelyn. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

That turkey looks scrumptiously delicious, it's making my mouth water from way over here.

I wish you a great week, Evelyn!

Anonymous said...

Hello Leona !
It made my mouth water, too. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving over at my cousin Steven's house. He always makes the bird and it was wonderful. His wife couldn't be there because she went to spend Thanksgiving with her Mom so the side dishes were a little scant. Nevertheless- a wonderful day. How was yours ? If I don't get the chance before I wanted to wish you a great Christmas and Kwanzaa- if you celebrate that new holiday as well.
You have a great NY too ~

dellgirl said...

Happy New Year Evelyn. Wishing you peace, love & happiness in 2014!