Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amendment 64 is a Pot Boiler

     Of all the bills brought forward for the public to vote on, none has been quite so convoluted, precarious and downright nonsensical as Amendment 64. For one, the way it was originally voted in as a help in the form of so-called medical marijuana was obviously a ruse on someone's part. My suspicion is that whoever started this measure in the beginning had an ulterior motive. Sure enough, when the smoke cleared over the issue and the outcome was unanimous in its passing the truth came out that they wanted to be able to smoke it for recreational use as well. No one spoke out against that as reprehensible and so here are our feds trying to figure out what to make of this deal. Money would be my guess. Are you surprised ? I'm not.
     I've been hearing this 'legalize it' malarkey since I was a preteen and apparently the pot-heads finally got their way even though they had to get downright deceptive to do it. Pot-heads are notorious liars. As a matter of fact they'll do anything to justify the fact that the stuff is noxious, brain-dulling and addictive. There- I said it. Addictive. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Ask any pot-head you know how long they've been smoking and no matter what their age it will be approximately 75% of their life thus far. It also explains why most people my age are dying of heart-related illnesses or unknown illnesses in droves. Personally, I hate the crap. It stinks worse than cigarette smoke and makes you stupid and slow. What kind of medicine would you call that ?
     Here's another thing for you. Most pot smokers don't drink because they believe alcohol will kill you. They are right on one count but they think it's alright to smoke a joint and then get in a car and drive. Let me ask you this: Would you rather your cab driver just had a couple of sips of beer or just finished a joint? Think that one over for awhile. How about the guy that is driving the plane you're about to head out on ? A pilots license isn't going to save you when he stoops to retrieve his butt on the cabin floor and sends the plane nose-diving for earth.
     Eight former DEA leaders have urged Attorney General Eric Holder to file a lawsuit arguing that Colorado and Washington's new marijuana laws are illegal and should be preempted by federal law. Yeah. So our legislators and senators can get back to some infinitely more important issues like the assault weapons ban and federal budget issues let's all agree that we need to repeal it, arrest all these bums and get back to straightening out this country. Anybody with me out there ? 

The Castle Lady    


dellgirl said...

I hear you, what an enlightening post! Who knew?! I had only heard bits and pieces of the controversy about this. Now I know, thanks to you.

stopping in to wish you a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leona ! It's more than a controversy- it's a real dilemma. There's a huge facility for growing and selling down at the end of my block which replaced a nice old family dining restaurant that once thrived there. The city council and other elected officials are trying to separate the growers from also being able to sell but I just wish they'd repeal the whole stupid deal.