Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playoff Muse

Last Saturday I watched the second game of the NBA Playoffs with the Knicks vs Pacers and was amazed that so many former Nuggets players- including Melo the Man himself - were doing so poorly offensively. That was a shock to me because with these guys, defense was usually the struggle and certainly not offense. In the mean time, the Indiana Pacers were rebounding and making baskets like crazy. The Knicks trailed by at least 11 points through the entire game. I've been reading the stats pretty closely this year and the Pacers record caught my eye. I don't ever remember such a great win record when it comes to the Pacers so you can imagine how surprised I was to see it. Well, for the first time on Saturday I got to see with my own two eyes what is going on with them and it's a fabulous and fantastic reversal to their past decade. Even Hansbrough was showing maniacal defense strategies and I'm wondering what has gotten into all of them !

     As you can see here they repeated the deed on Tuesday again!
I won't say I'm not disappointed that the Nuggets made it to the Playoffs again this year only to be defeated for the championships so early. How could I help but be disappointed? This has been happening year after year no matter who is on that roster and how well they have or haven't been playing during the season. Nor do I think Coach Karl is the problem as the sports journalists love to point out each year. His record is impeccable. It's the players- face it. Do they get Playoff nerves or just clam up when they know what's at stake? Maybe they have fear of success issues. If that's the problem I wish they'd get over it. Maybe they need to go to the Knicks/Pacers Playoffs and start taking notes.
Seeing Birdman a part of the Heat makes it all worth it, though...
Hail King James,
The Castle Lady 

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