Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grizzlies vs. Nuggets on the Ides of March

     A lot of people watched this game but I'm sure the following stats are going to stun you if you watched on March 15th. Given that the Nuggets are headed for another round of playoffs for the championship, I'm not sure if this bodes a true shot at winning but I won't be so skeptical to say it doesn't. My question to you would be this: Does history repeat itself? I never was superstitious but coincidences never escape me and I'm not quite sure who said this but it's often true: There are no coincidences. We'll see.
     Anyway, on this particular night, the Nuggets won by a seven point margin and were at their 11th game on a winning streak and broke the Memphis Grizzlies winning streak of 15 games. Doug Moe was in attendance at the Pepsi Center and he was asked for his memories concerning this momentous occasion. He drew a blank but as a matter of fact it was 30 years ago- to the day- ( March 15, 1983) when the Nuggets had won their 11th consecutive game! Additionally, the Nuggets tied the second-longest streak in franchise history on that Friday.
     Ever notice that mid-March always seems to bring some kind of miraculous breakthrough for the Nuggets no matter who's on the team and how they're playing at the time? Perhaps Doug Moe wields some kind of special leprechaun magic that he keeps to himself. I wouldn't be surprised. All I know is that the Nuggets played so hard it has been tagged as the biggest win of a season full of big wins according to the experts. When you get a chance you can check out the following link for some more information about this phenomenon. I hope it gives them more incentive to take these championships by storm and win.... win.... win ! !  
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The Castle Lady

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So now they are going to blow the first round of playoffs ? Pffff!