Thursday, March 29, 2007


With the flurry of all the writing I've been doing lately I have come across some old writing. The following piece, according to what I wrote down (which has to be right- I'm really good about writing everything down) is from July 8, 1998! You can just bet someone had given me some grief at the time, because the idea is mind-blowing when you really start to think about it seriously. But I'll let it speak for itself:

How much of your life revolves around your gender?
Would your life go on if you were stripped of your sexual identity?
How drastically would your life change if you were suddenly just yourself
with that aspect no longer needed and gone?
When one seriously considers these questions it brings you home to your
real self. The one you were from the beginning and the one you still are
underneath all the sexual frivolity.
Think of how many of your activities would cease and how you would start using
the new free time you would have.
Think of how people would perceive you if they had to rely on the way you think,
rather than size you up as a sexual object?
Think of how freeing it would be to your body and soul to be able to finally eliminate sexual stereotypes that have colored and pre-formed your life up to now.
Think of how your life would've run if you had never had to deal with the interferences your sexual identity has interposed in your life.
I wonder about people whose whole lives seem to center completely on their gender.
Well, after I re-read this I remembered the confrontation that was the inspiration for this set of random thoughts and self-questioning. To be truthful the confrontation was so awful and WEIRD that I'd rather not tell you what it was!
However, this subject does make me think about people who would be most directly affected. How about strippers, prostitutes, athletes, models, beauticians, actors and actresses (here, a slight nod to Hillary Swank, a rare exception!) and even singers? At one time, singers only worried about what they sounded like on the radio, but now it seems that they need to seduce their audience. Indeed, music should be about sound- not sight in particular. I consider myself to be a part of the MTV generation and yet I can't help wishing we could go back to just concentrating on the music. It could certainly stand some improvement.
Leave a comment if you read this, I am genuinely interested in your opinion on this issue.
"If you are born with it, you'll have it when you're 100". -
Sophia Loren when asked about her endless sex appeal.
; )

Evelyn Wallace
The Castle Lady

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