Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Classic Architecture

I recently put up a photo on my http://castlelady.spaces.live.com blog that was sent to me from a very lovely friend I have in Italy. I have displayed it here but you may also see in the photo album at the bottom of the above mentioned home page under the More Castles album. It is the one tagged caserta which is the first photo in the line-up.
It shows how classicism in architecture can render absolute magnificence even in its simplicity. There is a good reason why it is the most favored style but has so many variations that it is often misnamed or not recognized- even by experts.
This is how I would describe this building's fascia. It features aedicules above mullioned windows with ionic colossal columns. The centralized niche with balconet adorns the fascia. Note the modillioned detail of the pedimented tympanum on the roofline.
It sounds so complicated and rather gothic doesn't it? That's the problem with describing architecture. Let's face it, a photo or picture is worth a thousand words. We all know what we like and what we don't, n'est ce pas? I don't often get into detail describing architecture unless it is so eclectic that in order for someone to understand what they're looking at it is necessary. I would rather the photos speak for themselves.
This is what can be expected in my writing and my books. Location of a castle or architecture definitely affects how we perceive it. Also, the surrounding environs will also speak to us, if we listen, particularly when we are viewing medieval architecture.
In my books, I will give basics and never bog you down in unnecessary descriptions of the said architecture. I want to give you a slice of history served up with the beauty of what was created so many years before us. If we come to understand the circumstances around which our ancestors moved, breathed and lived out their lives, we may come to a better understanding of ourselves and what our purposes in this life may be.
The Castle Lady bringing you beauty, love and warm kisses! Ciao!

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