Saturday, August 06, 2016

Some coincidences are not really coincidences...

" Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time."
     Has summer seemed too long to you? With high digit temperatures reigning throughout the land I'd understand if someone said they wished summer was over. I had a wonderful fan bite the dust last night and groaned because I knew it only meant one thing. Replacement. Interestingly, however, I've coped better with the heat today than usual and credit my willingness to do my high activity of the day when the temperature digits were still pretty low. I had practically forgotten what an early summer's day feels like and I think I'm going to like this business of going back to dealing with summer the way it is- not that I have a choice but at least I won't have to retreat to the basement as usual. Not yet, anyway.
     There's something about summer that is God's (and nature's) way of telling you to slow down. Have a glass of lemonade on the porch without the aim of fixing something or cleaning up, perhaps. If stopping and getting lost in thought is some kind of crime then life is going to get mighty miserable. I say, let's all take a break and stop expecting to keep up a pace that the world around us expects but no longer wants to continue themselves. Summer exists for a good reason and when I figure out what it all is I'll be certain to let you know. This morning's musical fare consisted of listening to Brian Wilson sing, "In My Room", which always made me think of what it is like to just sit somewhere, unobtrusive- and watch the world go by while trying to solve the energy crisis in my head. It's always for something. Try it sometime. I think you'll like it.

Last wee at the beginning John Lubbock


dellgirl said...

I had to buy two fans this summer. I don't know what the actual temps are but I swear it feels like 194 degrees most of the day. Wheeeew!!! I have taken to sitting on the porch in the early evening. Even then, it is still pretty HOT!

Evelyn said...

Boy do I know about the fans ! I imagine you must be sweltering in TX ! I don't remember a summer hotter than this one, do you ? I've also taken to the porch when I can even in the middle of the day. My basement is the best bet though. You can't stay there forever though. I bought a nice new fan for my computer room which is just marvelous and I got the one that went on the fritz to working again so it's better. I guess this is what summer is all about though. Just go with it I guess.

; ) Evelyn