Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lay Down Your Arms

Optimism is a political act.
Those who benefit from the status quo are perfectly happy for us to think nothing is going to get any better.
In fact, these days, cynicism is obedience.
- Alex Steffen, The Bright Green City
I have experienced a politically divided nation for as far back as I can recollect. My introduction to politics was seeing the president of the U.S. assassinated by gunfire with media in full view. I was so young that I was unaware that I was witnessing a volatile political act. Shock was what I felt but I knew nothing of it. No wonder I see the world as being full of danger! Violence has only exacerbated since that time and often I've wondered how bad it will get. How many children's minds will be tainted with unnecessary fear?
     Optimism is essential to living bravely. We make a bold statement when we step out firmly with an optimistic outlook and approach to living. This would be despite the prevailing circumstances. In the song Grand Old Flag, Americans are described as the free and the brave. These two attributes have walked hand in hand on our land since the war of 1812, through the bloody Civil War and on into the Civil Rights Movement.
     We will always have to fight for freedom bravely and with optimism. It is our tradition as U.S. citizens and will prevail as long as we are willing to die for other people's freedom as much as our own. It is how we fight that makes the difference. However, fighting back with weapons is mutually fatal and futile. In the 70s a popular quote was repeated often that  'fighting for peace was like making love for virginity.'
     Bravely facing down aggressors is where peace begins. Laying down our arms is how peace will prevail. I've never heard anyone say that they regretted not shooting someone.
Lay down your arms for peace.
The new and improved...

Conflictos empazar en el corazon. - Evelyn Wallace


dellgirl said...

Very insightful post, Evelyn. It's really thought provoking, I know it made ME stop and think. I agree with you that it is "HOW" we fight that makes all the difference.

I came by to say hello and to see how you're doing. Wishing you all the best in the coming days.

dellgirl said...

Happy Birthday to you, Evelyn. I hope you have a wonderful day and that it is all that you want it to be.