Saturday, July 27, 2013

Justified Victim or Out-of-Control Vigilante ?

     Since a juror of the case has finally come forward I have decided I will not be silent on the issue of the Zimmerman trial- the biggest travesty which has recently gone through our judicial system in the U.S. Even if I throw out the obvious problems this trial presented- racial profiling, concealed weapon, unnecessary force, unlawful surveillance (i.e. stalking) or even improper jury selection, it is incomprehensible to me that a man could shoot and kill an unarmed person, go through a murder trial with admission of the actual crime and yet walk away exonerated. Whatever the decision of the jury, who were decidedly not peers to Zimmerman or Martin in any sense of the word, I have concluded that there was nothing in Zimmerman's actions that evening which can be viewed as non-prevocational behavior. I also cannot help but view Martin as a victim since he is the one who has been buried by a family devastated by the loss of their son. Up until the moment of confrontation with a stalker, Trayvon Martin had shown quite a bit of promise for his future. Those are irrefutable facts as I see it.
     If the evidence presented had been done properly then a totally different profile of Zimmerman would have emerged in my estimation. It would have been an open and shut case if all the evidence was presented and not just what was agreed upon by those who were only trying to win a case for their client. Trayvon was not present to talk to a lawyer about what happened that night so we can only go by who actually witnessed the event, firsthand or secondhand. The operators at 911 cannot interpret who was crying for help that night but the strongest witnesses put on the stand were those of two women- the mothers of these two men- queried of whose voice cried for help on the call. The jury and judge that presided needed the wisdom of Solomon for this one. Instead, there was a standoff. Both women say it was their son's voice. This illogical presentment of circumstantial evidence gives us a sense that the trial achieved nothing and should have been thrown out as a mistrial by the judge. Obviously, they weren't both telling the truth.
There is enough real racism in this world without making it up where it does not exist.
-Craig Silverman
     As it stands, Zimmerman cannot be retried in a court of law for the same crime twice. If this is allowed to escalate into another one of those civil cases- which could veer way off course- it may turn a clear case of murder into an issue of racial bias instead. This causes our country to be divided on issues that never seem to be resolved and especially in this case I feel that it is almost irrelevant. Placing this case on the burning hot plate of racial bias will most likely only skew the facts further, I imagine. As far as Zimmerman goes, I do not believe that the word innocent should be applied to someone who has taken another person's life. However anyone wishes to view this man as a person, he is definitely guilty of manslaughter- that is a fact that cannot be interpreted any other way.
Standing up for what I believe is right !
The Castle Lady
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