Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Love is More Important Than Money

Love is the emblem of Eternity:
 it confounds all notion of time,
effaces all memory of a beginning,
all fear of an end.
- Germaine De Stael
     Let's face it, today in the techno modern world everyone believes that their physical needs are the most important aspect of living. It is important to take care of yourself, however, if we only look after ourselves we miss out on a deeper quality of life when we limit that care only to ourselves. We aren't even built that way. Our brains are equipped to handle a much larger load of complex problems to be solved than any animal you can name- no matter how smart you believe Fido or Fifi to be. We're wired to help- not ignore- one another.
     If you think about other people, who are (or aren't) a part of your life and what they mean to you and their contribution to your life then you will come to a better understanding of what I'm trying to convey. Many, you will find, are in your life for more intrinsic reasons than what they specifically do for you. I have counted my manicuring and nail clients as friends in many cases but our relationships were just a little bit better defined than most. I would point out that they started as clients first then we became friends. I'm sure that for most people, clients remain more at a distance while co-workers are the likely candidates for friendship. Remember that a good part of this is dependent on how you specifically develop close relationships. I'm sure everyone is different in this manner.
     Whatever philosophy you have kept or adopted in your life, everyone is aware of the Golden Rule. If you are not, it is simply this: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a good credo for people who seem to flounder when it comes to love relationships. I suppose, eventually, friendships you develop in your life which flourish more than others help you come to find and truly know the qualities of love. You won't have to speculate whether those particular relationships are true or not because you'll simply feel it in your heart. 
Needy is better than greedy,
The Castle Lady      


dellgirl said...

Love this post, Evelyn. I agree that love is more important than money. You put a lot of thought into this and it shows in your presentation.

I met my best friend at work over 20 years ago. We became friendly, then friends, then BEST friends -- forever!

dellgirl said...

Hello there friend, I hope you are doing well and that you had a super week. I just came by to say hi and to wish you a great weekend.