Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What a Year !

This past year has been one for the records ! My work alone on Northumberland about did me in because it took seven separate entries just to cover all the castles in that county and I didn't get my additional North England material posted because I promised my Live Space readership to put up a few entries on countries I hadn't covered, Switzerland (Chateau de Chillon) and Luxembourg (Chateau de Bourscheid), Ile de France ( the area that surrounds Paris) plus many of the Treasure Houses of England and an area of Royal Palaces in London (St. James's Park).

In addition to those castle entries I posted up two pieces of Holy Spirit-inspired writs "To Pray or Not to Pray" and "The Nature of Love" that I am grateful to God for giving me to impart to my readership. In fact, I am always more awed by the inspirational writing I do than any other because the ideas and the methods, so often come to me in very unconventional ways. I feel the only way to get to this point is through diligent bible reading with prayer beforehand so that God will lock in with what you are doing. He will always answer a call to communion with Him especially concerning the Word. When you do this He helps you properly interpret His word for your edification. I often think of my inspirational writing as my confirmation back to God which edifies Him. I'll bet you didn't know that we also edify God but we do so by listening closely to what He is telling us through His Word.

If you haven't visited my official web site for awhile you may want to check it out because I've revamped the overall look before I start putting up the individual castles of England- county by county. You'll have to be patient but it will all be worth it! I will be posting a few more articles on North England's counties on my Castlelady blog

( ) while I am concurrently putting up England on my web site to fill in- with extra data- those castles I hadn't already covered back in 2006 and 2007.

Watch me put the pedal to the metal !

The Castle Lady ; )

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