Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Good Marriage

     Of all the types of advice we receive in a lifetime I think the most attentive you'll find a recipient is on marital advice. I've seen enough Phil Show segments myself and gotten my fair share of seeing the negative side of what can go wrong with a marriage, that a positive spin on such a subject is always a welcome change. Since I have never been married I figure it's quite a job sifting through all the aspects- good and bad- that are said but I am not sure the advice has prepared me for the (hopefully) inevitable.
     The following quotes are from a short segment on marriage by Wilfred Arlan Peterson. I thought these were very good with a few amendments of my own:
  •          You are never too old to hold hands.
  •          Never go to bed angry with each other.
  •          Don't take your spouse for granted. Keep the courtship going perpetually and learn to be romantic.
  •          Keep a mutual sense of values and common objectives.
  •          Stand up for each other when facing down or to the world.
  •          Do things for each other in a spirit of joy not an attitude of duty.
  •          Your independence should be equal, dependence mutual and your obligations, reciprocal.
  •          Don't expect perfection in each other and have compassion for failings and faults.
  •          Speak words of appreciation and demonstrate gratitude in thoughtful ways of your own.
  •          Learn to forgive and forget.
  •          Don't forget the words "I love you" and say them as often as you feel necessary- or more often.
  •          Half of marrying the right partner is being the right partner.
     The last one is so true and the most important one of all, I believe. I once read those words on a bumper sticker and it impressed me so much that I have worked on that more than all the advice I have ever received. No one is ever really ready for marriage- at any age- until they get that one right. All the rest of these pointers are much easier to execute in a relationship if you take care of that last one first!
Just pointing the way to marital bliss-
with a kiss!
The Castle Lady   

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