Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good Thoughts for 2016

     I've never been much of an adherent for New Year's resolutions because I always seemed to fill my plate too full, especially as a teenager, and then would fall short of my goals even if I did a lot of what I set out to do. I was setting myself up for what I perceived as failure when, in truth, I was setting myself up for disappointment unnecessarily. Since the year 2000 I have been at work on myself as a person and my goals are a constant quest in my life with the opportunity to do these things in a time that is humanly possible. There have been times when my goals have been changed weekly. I have had one goal on my roster for fourteen years now and it will remain even though I know I may never fully achieve it. In the meantime, here are some good thoughts for even the most resolution weary travelers: 
"If you can't fly, then run;
 if you can't run, then walk...
if you can't walk, then crawl--
whatever you do, keep moving forward."
 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Five Steps to Overcoming:
1) If I give joy, it will come back to me.
2) My worries can be released.
3) Any detour can be seen as an opportunity.
4) Remarkable achievements all began as thoughts.
5) New learning is always there, waiting for me to embrace it.
- the daughter of Norman Vincent Peale

Motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going.
-Jim Ryan
There is always something to be thankful for so...
follow your dream and

from The Castle Lady

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dellgirl said...

These are all great quotes from favorite sources of mine. At this point in time, the one about motivation by Jim Ryan is a "biggie" for me. The new year finds me purposefully searching for motivation and reminding myself that I have to keep moving forward at all times.