Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Playoff Procrastination

I'm sure my regular readers are wondering why I hadn't written about the Playoffs which have been over for about three weeks now. Quite frankly I think I'm still a little stunned at what happened even though I'd been noticing photos like this in the NBA twitter camp:

That's Stephen Curry in the middle with the number 30 jersey.
It's very obvious to me that LeBron is going to be in the Playoffs every year whether he plays for the Heat or Cavs or the Mavs for that matter. I think he's an amazing player with plenty of days of championships ahead. Look what he did for Miami! This is in the face of some serious injuries which other opposing teams seem to disregard flagrantly as a regular thing. It's like he's the NBA punching bag or something. In sports it's very difficult to get respect. There are so many sports journalists who think it's their job to make snarky comments about every player that shows true ability. He hasn't escaped his share but he is so cheerful most of the time that no one notices that Mr. Bobblehead gets knocked around too much. On June 11th I watched the Warriors whip the hides off the Cavs in a 103--82 final score and LeBron's shooting was held to 7 of  22! The series had been tied up to that point and I started to get worried. 

Even so, Stephen Curry is obviously coming into his own. He was so happy after they won but also so incredulous he kept yelling at his teammates, "What ?" Even he couldn't quite believe what he pulled off but each game was so close regardless of the final score that I watched both teams struggle like fury to get the other contained and with LeBron it's just not possible. Even Stephen Curry would say so if someone was bold enough to ask him. The Cavs were actually doing very well at the beginning of the championship playoffs until the series switched to the West Coast- the Warriors home base. People can say all they want about teams generally doing better at home but that's not always true and the Warriors did lose twice in the playoffs at home against Memphis and Cleveland! I sat up and took notice of the GSW when they won over the Nuggets back in 2013 during the first-round playoffs. They were defeated by the Warriors then and haven't made it to the Playoffs since ! GSW happens to have Andrew Iguodala, who started out with the Nuggets and their coach Steve Kerr is a star coach. We're going to have to keep our eyes open on GSW because they've broken some kind of spell. Watch out NBA !

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