Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Springtime in the Rockies !

Just like these bears here I have finally had my fill of winter. Even though this has been a longer and colder winter than I have ever experienced in Denver, it hasn't been without its drama and tenacity. I'm a native so the changeable weather is a norm for me which I have always appreciated. Even our weather can get tiresome, however, and winter is not an exception. Let's face it, does anyone really like shoveling snow, bundling up like an Eskimo just to go to the store or knocking icicles off one's nose? Verily, I say 'no' to all three. It's a blast for about three seconds, at best and then you just want to go back inside, drink some hot cocoa (or herbal tea) and curl up with a book!
     Happily, this month has changed into something more along the lines of Spring with rain instead of snow and the outdoors is growing and blooming ! I can hardly believe it. Yesterday's morning weather however, started out with a good rain soak, followed by freezing sleet then by 10:30 a.m. it looked like we were in for a blizzard. When I walked at 10:20 a.m. the sidewalks were just wet and I got by wearing a Mack. It was actually invigorating. By noon the sun was coming out and the snow, sleet and most of the rain had evaporated. It looked to be a nice day. Now you can't even tell it did anything at all but the lawn looks greener and the air is bone chilling cold. I walked outside to put out the garbage and almost froze in the process. That's just a one day sampling of Denver weather this time of year. We're really different.
     All told, I just want to get on with spring. A little bit more of soft rains and we'll be good for the junction into a rip-roaring hot summer by July. By then I'll have accomplished an incredible amount of writing and other work and I'll be able to enjoy a summer with a bit more reading than I accomplished last year and perhaps head for England by the time my birthday rolls around. Sounds like a plan doesn't it ? Well, keep your fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer.
     I could use the good words about now.



dellgirl said...

We have/get a little springtime here in Texas every once in a great while. I love it when we do, it's awesome.

I stopped by to see how you're doing and to say hello. I wish you a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leona !
I've been meaning to ask you if you are a native of Texas. I basically assumed that you have been there a long time but didn't know if, in fact, you were born there. I know lots of people that go back to the places they were born no matter how far away it is or may be. You have a great week, too !