Monday, August 18, 2014

Miracle Bank Account

     If someone were to make sure that you received $960 deposited into your checking account everyday how would it change your life? Would you continue working your job ? Would you go on a permanent vacation? Perhaps you'd take it as a chance to give to all the worthwhile charities that you've been longing to contribute to and could gift people you know and even those you don't know at will and impromptu. It sounds wonderful doesn't it?
     Now, imagine this: that bank account needs to be emptied each day or it automatically defaults to zero. You cannot transfer the money to any other account. It promptly starts again at the above amount each day. That means you would have to get cracking on spending that money as soon as possible every day and maybe spend to the exclusion of all other activities. What a concept, huh ? Perhaps you'd hire someone to help you spend the cash so you wouldn't lose out on your entitlement. You'd get very clever in making sure that you spent every dime so you didn't lose out.
     As a matter of fact we have that deal already in the form of time. That's right. Excluding the time we spend valuably resting up for the next day we have 960 minutes everyday at our disposal. Knowing that our time may be more valuable than money I wonder if you'll change some of your activities and put that time to different or better use. Perhaps the above concepts of making sure that the time was wisely and thoroughly spent will put you in a different frame of reference for your life.
     It's your time account. What are you waiting for ?
Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care
about time...
The Castle Lady 

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