Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Secrets...Government or otherwise

     If the PRISM scandal didn't concern or scare you then you are officially the bravest, blindest or most moral person on the planet. I have been undertaking some serious contemplation on the issue of privacy and government spying. I felt this would be an excellent time to get into it by looking at the picture from a broader perspective. Here's something that has been completely reversed in my estimation. For as far back as the 60s or possibly longer, people have talked about government secrets. I'm sure the Rosenburgs made this side of the issue much hotter than it should have been- no pun intended, really ! From a practical viewpoint we don't want people who are privy to inside government information telling the rest of the world such knowledge. Our current security surveillance is technologically advanced with drones and other devices which we don't even know about, I'm certain. That is supposedly to keep us all safe- not knowing. Whether you agree with this or not is your privilege as an American citizen but believe me, most of us do not want certain data about how our government is run to be revealed to officials in foreign countries- allies or no. That classified information should remain just that for the overall good.
     The obvious disadvantage is that we may not be able to trust our government agents with this knowledge. History has taught us otherwise. If the Snowden deal hasn't taught us that lesson then we had all better start paying attention. Snowden didn't tell me anything I hadn't already suspected but I have a suspicious nature toward clandestine deals and subterfuge of any kind. He has brought to light downright deception on the part of the government- that's true- but he hasn't made me feel that his actions are of character, either. Almost every elected and appointed government official were willing to forgive him and that's where I part ways with all of it. Mistrust of the government on a broad scale started shortly after our involvement in Vietnam and I believe it has proliferated exponentially since then to a grand scale. It makes having a good and secure democracy nearly impossible.
     In situations of trust it is imperative that it be earned. No one trusts anyone or anything if they have proved to be anything but trustworthy on large or small issues. It is time for the people who have been elected to government jobs and offices to start showing true character by showing they are trustworthy. For many years, from the White House on down, the American people have tolerated lies and deception for too long and we must all do our part to get back on the road to trust by starting with the truth and continuing to walk in that path. I'm issuing this challenge to everyone, however. Trust begets trust and mutual gains can be had by showing respect to those who deserve it. Let your Bible be your guide.
It is no secret that I'm for doing the right thing!
The Castle Lady

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dellgirl said...

You are so right...'trust must be earned'.

I also like your point... 'No one trusts anyone or anything if they have proved to be anything but trustworthy on large or small issues'.

But, I've gone a few steps further than that, I don't trust anything 'they' say until I see the results. SAD, but true.

Nice post, Evelyn.