Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Sign of Our Days

     One of my favorite authors is Debbie Macomber who I began reading on occasion during my first year working as a nail technician many years ago. The salon where I worked had a full library of paperback novels and I usually read one or two books a week on my hour-long lunch breaks. I discovered her among the romance novelists and she was different in her approach to the point of total discretion but they really were romantic with some realism thrown in for good measure. After I would read her novels I'd often feel as though I could have the same happily married ending. While I may still be waiting on that- no laughing please !- when I took up reading more of her books within the last decade she had become a very well-rounded author by touching on new subjects and various series which appealed to a wider audience. This year she has come out with a book, which is titled One Perfect Word, that I am keenly interested in reading. It is a non-fiction inspirational book focused on a very interesting premise. The following is her own description of it:
      "For almost twenty years now I've chosen a word to focus on for the year. My word for 2012 came to me in October: magnify. I find it far too easy to think about problems and concerns, so I decided that instead of concentrating on those, I would turn my thoughts to God instead. I want to use the year 2012 to magnify the Lord in my life.
     Actually, I've had some pretty amazing things happen when I've concentrated on a single word for the year. In January my new non-fiction book, One Perfect Word, will be released. In this book I recount a few of the growth steps along my spiritual journey through these words. If you choose a word each year and would like to share your choice for 2012 with me, I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can write me via my Guestbook."
     Interestingly enough, I have been using this particular concept on a daily basis for two decades now and have found that the Lord often supplies me with a scripture to support it. I understand Debbie's concept and I feel that her word for the year is marvelous for focusing and stabilizing for long term effect and for breaking through stubborn problems or those which are complex and difficult to solve. My plan dealt with each day-to-day challenge for coping and overcoming- for everything from rush hour traffic to dealing with homeless people. God always seemed to supply the right word or phrase and it was comforting to know that He was right by my side helping me every step of the way- every day.
     Now that I face different challenges which are more similar to Debbie's lifestyle of writing a good part of the time rather than regular workday issues I think the concept of her book might be a little closer to my current needs. All I need now is a word for this year. I believe I'm going to choose the word miracles because I could use a few this year and I'd like to step back for awhile and see what God can do. Wish me mazel tov !
The Castle Lady

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