Friday, September 09, 2011

In talking, reading and writing- do opposites attract ?

     I generally laugh at horoscopes if my eyes happen to land on them any time I'm reading the paper. The advice can often be unclear and quirky, to say the least, but yesterday I found a rare pearl in the following sentence. It is so apt and relevant to my life right now.
Someone in your daily life means well and can inspire you
at the same time can make goulash out of
the most precise communication and situations.
- from the Denver Post horoscope for Virgo 9/8/11
by Jacqueline Bigar

     Keeping a good attitude often involves ignoring someone else's bad attitude. If you don't believe me, try telling someone exactly what you think when they make you angry. Just remember that you alone are responsible for your words, action and character. Responding out of emotion is never exactly clear and often conveys intentions and definitions that are opposite to what you wanted to communicate. Before you say that sentence, do this: Ask yourself, "Is this true ? Is this harmless ? Is it necessary? If it isn't don't bother to say it. 
     Understanding people well involves more work than most of us are willing to exert. It is for this reason that I am more inclined to write my communications than say them verbally. I have found that unless the distractions around me are deafening, no one can mess up a clearly written and ruminated sentence. Through my writing I can convey my intentions much more clearly than when someone is forced to actually listen well to what I am saying. If someone misses the details from my writing it becomes their own problem rather than a failure on my part. This is what it means to be a good writer. An excellent writer is a diplomat and is well on his way to mastering his thought life.
Just The Castle Lady...

reading you loud and clear !  


dellgirl said...

If it IS true, harmless, AND necessary...

Very interesting!

More often than not I find that the one(s) needing to hear it is a "non-listener". They talk but NEVER listen --well.

It's an exercise in futility, it's wasted effort and breath.

I also do my best communicating in writing. Love the post.

Evelyn said...

Yes. Isn't this a great topic ? The other tack, I've found out, is that someone may not be ABLE to hear well any more and refuse to get hearing aids. LOL I find myself asking my mother this often these days,
"What did you think I said ?" Hence- a goulash answer. You're right, though, L. Often, the listening skills just aren't up to par in general. I wonder if a course should be offered in all educational facilities? I should think it would only be helpful. Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy your input, Leona !

The Castle Lady