Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mary Jane's World

The T.V. has finally gone out

Digital is no longer a possibility

Can't afford cable, dish, satellite or any form that will bring that

series back to your daily life.

Do what I do...

Read a book, go for a walk and look at life

clean that shelf...

There's much more to life than what is on the boob tube.


The Castle Lady


dellgirl said...

Good advice. I like it. This reminds me of the time after hurricane Ike. With no power and nothing to do but sit quietly, I pulled out a tablet and ball point pen and began to write. Really write! The result was an amazing poem about the hurricane and its devastation.

We can do a lot without those constant distractions we surround ourselves with everyday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks L ! Writing time can come at unforseen moments like that I well know ! I also agree that we can do without so many things which just fritter away that precious writing time.

Thanks for stopping by to comment!
By the way, I'm beginning to not like summer so well myself !