Friday, June 03, 2011

Wake up laughing

This has been an interesting day- so far. I can certainly tell that summer has arrived. Very first thing- before I even opened my eyes- was laughing at a Boulder D.J.'s banter about how Bono had hitched a ride somewhere in Canada and the driver boasted that he had picked him up without knowing it was him at first. Taking the whole matter too far the D.J. continued,

"You, of course, wouldn't pick up Bono- no! - you'd get some psycho."

After about five seconds of dead air silence he rejoined,

"I'm not saying that everyone who hitches rides is a psycho."

Upon hearing that- practically unconscious still- I roared in laughter knowing full well what I just heard but not yet awake enough to realize what I was laughing at or why. It did keep me chuckling through the morning.

This is called a good start to a wacky day. I had to go to the bank and I got a few errands done on the way. When I got to the shopping center some cops had blocked off an entrance to the shopping center. No explanation was given or supplied. As I kept reaching different entrances they were systematically blocking off each entrance I approached. What is this stupid game? I'm thinking to myself. By the time it was apparent I wasn't going to get to my bank at this shopping center I moved on and went to another branch at a different location, thereby defeating the short trip into a long drawn out affair. I got my business done at the other branch and then tried to figure out where I would get ice cream as I had intended. I ended up bringing home some ice cream treats rather than a tub of ice cream like I had intended. Rude!

All the while I was detoured I mulled over what I had encountered and decided that one of the many businesses must have been robbed shortly before I arrived. What were the chances of that ?

When I got home there was a short news flash on the T.V. and sure enough the King Soopers that I had intended to go to for my banking and for my ice cream had been thieved and the cops had chased him into Home Depot. According to the report he disappeared in that store and they never found him. It has occurred to me, just now, that if I had picked up a hitchhiker it probably would have been that guy that stole something (ice cream?) at King Soopers. Now I have another good reason never to pick up a hitchhiker- it wouldn't be Bono that's for sure !

Keep laughing !

The Castle Lady

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