Thursday, December 29, 2005

You are reading a blog from a person who is up to her neck in work and is still taking time to write something on the subject. Not to divert you to some other site but I want to let you know where I am heading with this subject, so please check out my current photos sites to see and get a taste of what is coming up in the future. Check out: and My first castle page!

This will get you up to speed on part of where I am headed. Much of my knowledge of castles comes from five years of intensive research on the web, and my obsession since my teen-age years.
Enjoy the current frenzy because there's more to come!

The Castle Lady sends oodles and oodles of canoodles! ; )

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Starry20 said...

Well, I left a new post but where is it? Only the shadow knows!